Strange Encounters By Train

The old and battered regional train was a red-hot metal box, and there was only one thing that would make the heat bearable, you, another single wagon of that wagon beyond me. Sitting facing me in the block of seats from four after mine. I looked at her from the gap in the armchairs. A goddess. From the chocolate-colored skin, not dark and dark, a sweet milk chocolate, which was literally melting at that heat. A girl of incredible beauty, an angel's face, high cheekbones among which there was a small and delicate nose for a girl with color and full and full lips that put a desire to slip the tongue in between ... and more. She wears a very short dress and very low-cut, too low-cut, a magnificent breasts, not exaggerated, a third I would say, closed in two bands that tied behind the neck and low on the hips and back that showed a lace bra everything black. The dress is just short and she sits holding the legs slightly apart because of the heat. My eye does nothing but fall between those dark and well-turned legs, open enough to show off the thighs, to be imagined what they did not see with cruelty. I do not know what got me, the heat, the excitement , the pressure of my hard cock on my pants, I decided to banish any discretion, no more peeked in passing, I start to stare intensely at that dark spot between her thighs.
The awareness of being able to be seen staring at so intimately his intimacy only increases my excitement, I throw short glances to his face, to check if my attentions are given, as I hope, revealed to his eyes. She makes a brief movement, as if she wanted to close her legs but did not know if or how to do it. Then I realize that finally caught me with my hands, or rather with my eyes, in the bag. I pushed only by a deep excitement, I spread my legs and put my hand on the groin, showing off my package. He certainly could not stay there staring like a piece of meat, then the ebony goddess stands up, starts in profile and starts staring out the window. Madornale mistake, so my darling give your hip to the mercy of my eye, the black lace bra that you see coming out from under the dress and even a hint of the curve of the breast. But the best thing is undoubtedly the ass. Fucking that ass. Of considerable size, I would almost dare to say big, but without being fat. Now I imagine to spend my cock erect between those butt and go down to put the tongue up to get to his little hole. Now I am beyond all modesty and respect and I take to massage the package with my hand. She who spies me every so often to keep an eye on finding a shred of dignity and suddenly returns to sit down, returning to the initial position, with the thighs spread never enough.
He speaks: "Do you want me to spread my thighs and show you your lousy pussy that you are not? So you make a saw and we end up so much I get that little cazzetto you find it not even ".
He is young, will be my age, about 35 years old. Now I'm in heaven, those words arouse in me the opposite effect of what she hoped, and I answer: "sure that my little cazzetto is so small? You should not judge too fast! ".
I laugh in the face "I do not even want to hear about it, you're a gifted mini asshole who likes to harass girls in trains".
I do the only thing I can, what every fiber of my flesh tells me to do. Pull out your cock. I open my pants and take out my rod, and that rod, respectable and not only more than 20 cm and with a beautiful diameter. I myself am almost surprised, of course I know I have it big but slutty has never been so swollen my dick, I'm so excited. "You're sorry, I'm a shit and I feel like shit, but you're an angel and look how you've reduced me ... after you came in I did not understand anything anymore, I started getting more and more excited and I did not even realize how I got here. But look at me, I have the ... shooting that is about to explode, and all because of your fault or merit. I could die just to put my tongue between your legs ". I do not know what shamanic spirit of black Africa watches over me but I notice immediately the change in its expression. First when I pulled the horse-shoe out. And then after I finished saying what I had inside. He stands up and comes to sit directly in front of me. This time the thighs are tightly closed. On the other hand I have her boobs half a meter from my eyes. His instead go from my face to my purple and wet chapel. "You are a lousy pig and I should scream and call the conductor".
Now he looks me straight in the eye. "But you deserve much worse ..." with his left hand he grabs my cock at the base and squeezing it so hard it hurts me. With the right hand here it is that I slap a slap on the turgid glans. Fucking that bad, so much to show me the stars, so as to make me almost come "hideous bastard pig".
But now he was no longer alluding to my little dick.
The right goes between my thighs and grabs my swollen testicles. He squeezes them. But he does not do it to hurt me, certainly gasp and I even let out a moan of pain, delicate is not, but he could have left me sore on his knee for three days if he wanted to. If he wanted ... but he wanted more ... "now you asshole you get on your knees in front of me and I lick her pussy but be careful that you have to compensate me for your maniac behavior, so either you ... let me enjoy or I'll kick you in "balls. Holy God I kneeled in front of her ... it was all I wanted ... she lifts her skirt up over her hips and slowly lowers her black lace underpants. Finally discovering the object of my tormented desire. A beautiful, gorgeous pussy, already jerked, and excited. Much. It is seen that it is wet, the lips swollen with excitement. The clitoris protruded, little button erect above the point where the small lips meet. And then as a gift from heaven the thing I love most, a dense but short hair on the mountain of Venus that goes down to the sides of the curly, adorable, curly hair. She's sweaty, I breathe the smell of her pussy full of lungs and then bring the tip of my tongue near her orifice. I do not want to jump right away on the clit, there is time and nothing in the world will detach me from the sex of that goddess. I move my tongue circularly over the orifice, brushing the small lips and then devoting my attention to the flap of skin between the big lips and the legs. It has the sour taste of sweaty pussy but it is nectar for me.
I hear her sigh, I'm literally torturing her.
She wants to enjoy but I take time, I play with her. It's time to lick one of the small lips, I run my tongue on the length, from both sides and then take it between the lips and suck it. Here it starts to really enjoy. After having dedicated the same treatment to the twin I understand that she can not resist anymore, she wants to really enjoy it and then I bring my tongue on her clit moving it vertically. Up and down slowly but with heavy touch pressing hard with your tongue. With my hands I spread the soggy passer well and now my tongue flows from the clitoris to his orifice. Procrastinate the little hole more and more. Pushing the tongue flat inside the opening. Finally I go down with my head and with the tongue I arrive to lick her asshole. A fantastic feeling and a taste in describable. Not at all unpleasant.
She is brusque and takes my head off my paradise and throws me on the seat. He slings on my cock and puts the big chapel in his mouth. And he starts sucking, fucking hard, almost hurting. I was sucking all the moods that covered my tip. He can not put it all in his mouth, it's too big. He tries but has to desist.
Now it's me that the gap.
I want to fuck her.
To open her pussy in two.
The shot standing in front of me. It is very close, the tip of my cock is tickled by the hairs of her pussy. I put the headband over her head that holds the dress behind her neck and I put her tongue in my mouth, feeling the taste of my seed on her tongue. While she returns my kiss I lower her bra and fill the hands of her tits. Sode. Hard like marble. I could touch them all day. But as I said, I want to fuck her and fuck if she wants to be fucked too. I push her against the seat and rub the whole pussy with the glans. It is so wet that I almost get sucked. Point the cock on the orifice and push to enter. I struggle but I'm used to it. After a while I am completely enveloped by his moods and his soft warmth. I start pumping it hard and we both enjoy it crazy. We do not last long. No wonder given the level of excitement of both. While I have her tongue in my mouth and her tits in my hands I feel her shudder, tighten around my cock. She comes off me and whispers "I enjoy". I answer that I am about to come too. I want to come in and do not have to ask her, she wants it, in fact, she holds my pelvis with my legs keeping me trapped inside her. She is coming I feel it, and I come too, the hot swarms of cum start from my cock and flood her pussy. I fill it all.
When we are both exhausted now and relax and slide out of her I let myself fall into the armchair.
With the cock still quite hard she comes down to take it in my mouth and cleans it all with my tongue. At the same time you put two fingers inside. He pulls them out full of my seed and his pleasure and puts them in my mouth. It tastes fantastic.
She gets up and takes a pen from her bag.
Over my cock, over the hair that I keep short, to the satin, he writes his number on my skin.
She gives me a kiss and while she comes back she tells me "call me tomorrow" but I can not let her go so my goddess, even though in all probability I will still be inside her before 24 hours.
As she turns and lowers her skirt, I stop her hands and kiss her on the anus. A kiss with tongue. To still feel that flavor.
She turns and makes me. "If you do the good next time I'll do a little something more with my ass, I will not let you just lick" after these words finished compose leaves the car.
The train is almost arrived at destination but certainly this is not the end ..

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